How Easy It Is to Find All Your Online Accounts with Sherlock

Do you ever ponder how much of your past life is left on the internet from the MySpace era? What if someone found some of your old blogs posts or those selfies you thought you deleted years ago? On a serious note, more concerning than finding less-than-flattering content, it’s relatively easy for someone to investigateContinue reading “How Easy It Is to Find All Your Online Accounts with Sherlock”

TwilioQuest: Pursue Your Next Coding Adventure

Saving the world from dull prose in traditional computer science textbooks, TwilioQuest is the fulfilling way to learn about code without suffering through mazes of confusingly technical content. Featuring quirky programming puns, an addictive retrowave overworld theme, and an endearing character outfitting system, the game gives you a reward beyond what other resources can: fun.Continue reading “TwilioQuest: Pursue Your Next Coding Adventure”

Recursive Programming in JavaScript

For the computational equivalent of dishes, laundry, and dusting–the chores that never end–we have a special programming concept called recursion. Similar to loops, recursion is a common principle in programming that’s used to iterate through a workload a specified number of times. Basically, it’s when a function keeps calling itself to perform its job overContinue reading “Recursive Programming in JavaScript”

Choose Your Fighter: Tips on Picking Your Next Fighting Game

Whether you’re looking for your next holiday gift or just need to watch something get beat up, any of these fighting games are sure to deliver. They’re great for relieving stress, fostering healthy competition, and fueling interesting conversations about play styles and personality types. Most importantly, they’re fun! There’s nothing quite like snagging a satisfyingContinue reading “Choose Your Fighter: Tips on Picking Your Next Fighting Game”

3 Technological Resources to Learn Your Next Language

Textbooks, community college courses, and online videos are great for learning another language, but nothing replaces immersion and interaction with other human beings. Communicating with others is the best part! You don’t have to wait until you can fly halfway around the world to start talking. There’s new people every day on the internet forContinue reading “3 Technological Resources to Learn Your Next Language”

Religious Addiction in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

When Father Leo Booth wrote When God Becomes a Drug in 1991 he probably wasn’t planning on it being so well represented in an anime about scientific blasphemy, world domination, and occasional height jokes as comic relief. He wrote it as a means of explaining how people become religious addicts. Just like drug addiction, religiousContinue reading “Religious Addiction in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood”

A Pixel Art Starter Guide

What better way to fulfill your retro fantasy than making your own pixel art? Triple-A titles may be boasting the latest and greatest graphics money can buy, but there’s still nothing quite like the simplistic charm of the pixelated world. Digital painting with tiny squares is not just approachable, but it also provides a satisfyingContinue reading “A Pixel Art Starter Guide”