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How Easy It Is to Find All Your Online Accounts with Sherlock

Do you ever ponder how much of your past life is left on the internet from the MySpace era? What if someone found some of your old blogs posts or those selfies you thought you deleted years ago? On a serious note, more concerning than finding less-than-flattering content, it’s relatively easy for someone to investigate…

TwilioQuest: Pursue Your Next Coding Adventure

Saving the world from dull prose in traditional computer science textbooks, TwilioQuest is the fulfilling way to learn about code without suffering through mazes of confusingly technical content. Featuring quirky programming puns, an addictive retrowave overworld theme, and an endearing character outfitting system, the game gives you a reward beyond what other resources can: fun.…

Recursive Programming in JavaScript

For the computational equivalent of dishes, laundry, and dusting–the chores that never end–we have a special programming concept called recursion. Similar to loops, recursion is a common principle in programming that’s used to iterate through a workload a specified number of times. Basically, it’s when a function keeps calling itself to perform its job over…

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